Meal Services

Healthy affordable meals prepared for your nutritional needs.

Breakfasts are $4:  250 calories Lunches are $5: 300 calories Dinners are $7

5 Breakfasts - 5 Lunches - 5 Dinners

7 Breakfasts - 7 Lunches - 7 Dinners

Social Events

Free if you are a ongoing client

During the month we will plan social events so you can make new friends, share ideas and have a bunch of fun!

We look forward to helping you develop a healthy and happy lifestyle!

Cooking Classes 

Meal Planning

$49 an hour

We will work with you to develop a diet around the foods that you already have in your home and help you come up with easy ways to prepare meals so the whole family will eat the healthy food

Personal Exercise and Diet Plan

$150 for complete plan plus support

Body Transformation Package


We will build a special Body Transformation Package specifically to meet your lifestyle and personal needs

Personal Training

In your home or office or at one of our gyms

$49 a session 

We will come to your home bring the equipment and help you achieve your goals without having to go to the gym, so you can achieve your personal fitness goals